Academic сouncil

Academic Council - permanent elected representative body of the Institute, dealing with strategic issues of development. The Academic Council is an advisory body, which provides the development of research strategy of the institute and its realization, and approves the plans of scientific work of the institute.

The Regulation on the Academic Council and its members approved by the Director of the Institute.


Objectives of the academic Council

  • determination of priority research areas of the Institute;
  • coordination of scientific activity units within the Institute, as well as interaction with external organizations;
  • selection and approval of the research areas for international collaboration.

Members of the academic Council

Name Position Academic degree Specialty code
1 Podoprigora Gennadiy Ignatievich Deputy Director for Science, Chairman of the Academic Council Professor, Doctor of Medicine Pathological physiology 14.00.16 Allergy and immunology 14.00.36
2 Nartsissov Yaroslav Ruricovich Director of OOO "MNPK "BIOTIKI" Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematical Sciences Biophysics 03.00.02
3 Petrichuk Svetlana Valentinovna Head of the Laboratory of Cytochemistry Institute of Pediatrics in Scientific Center of Children's Health, RAMS Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences Biophysics 03.00.02, Physiology 03.00.13, Pathological physiology 14.00.16
4 Maximova Ludmila Nikolaevna Deputy. Director for Clinical Pharmacology in the Institute of Cytochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology PhD General Medicine 14.00.05
5 Yaguzhinskiy Lev Sergeevich Head of Bioenergetics Sector at the Institute of Cytochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology                 
Head of the Laboratory of membrane structure and functions at Belozersky Research Institute for physical and chemical biology
Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences Biochemistry 03.00.04
6 Lopina Olga Dmitrievna Сhief researcher at Department of Biochemistry in Moscow State University Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences Biochemistry 03.00.04
7 Sheshegova Elena Victorovna Academic secretary of the Institute of Cytochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy 15.00.02
Pharmacology, clinical pharmacology 14.00.25

functions of academic Council

  • determination of the the main areas of scientific activities of the Institute and scientific priorities related to the further development of medicine and pharmacy;
  • approval of annual and long-term plans and programs of scientific research;
  • problems of coordination and cooperation of the Institute with other research organizations;
  • improvement of research methods and efficiency of scientific research;
  • reporting on the results of scientific activities of the Institute, including annual reports on the research work of the Institute;
  • reviewing of the monographs and research papers of the Institute in order to recommending them for the publication;
  • approval of reports, articles, abstracts of the Institute staff that are presented at international scientific symposia or conferences;
  • control of effectiveness of international collaboration and the progress of the ongoing collaboration with foreign research organizations;
  • desicions about introduction to the Higher Attestation Commission for awarding the academic degreeб including such as professor, associate professor, Honored Scientist, and others;
  • discussing of the issues related to the training and professional development of scientific staff, reviewing of their doctoral or candidate theses.

rights and duties of Members of the Academic Council

rights of members of the Academic Council

  • propose topics for discussion at meetings of the Academic Council;
  • participate in discussions and decision-making, say, if necessary, their opinion, which should be documented;
  • make suggestions and recommendations for corrective action, emerged in the discussion.

duties of members of the Academic Council

  • attend meetings of the Academic Council and participate actively in its work;
  • participate in the preparation of materials submitted to the meeting of the Academic Council;
  • execute the decisions of the Academic Council in a proper way and in time.

responsibility of members of the Academic Council

  • implementation of decisions of the Academic Council and personal tasks;
  • maintaining the professional and state secrets.

The work of Academic Council is guided by the:


contact information of the Academic Council

Scientific Secretary: Sheshegova Elena Victorovna

phone: +7 (495) 327-49-43