About institute

The priority of the Institute is to discover the molecular basis of disease, especially associated with impaired metabolism in the cells of humans and animals, and finding ways of their correction. In order to ascertain the laws of the pathogenesis at the cellular and molecular level, an important area of research is the study of receptor structure, signaling and regulatory mechanisms of cell homeostasis and their disorders, as well as cytochemical changes that underlie many diseases.

Areas of activity of the Institute


The study of molecular foundations of pathology

Изучение молекулярных основ патологии

The study of the molecular basis of pathology and the underlying metabolic disorders, regulatory mechanisms and the search for ways to correct these processes in the cells of animals and humans. Priority is given to basic and applied biomedical research, designed to develop new therapeutic and preventive drugs based on natural metabolites.


development and implementation of adequate models

разработка и внедрение 
адекватных моделей

Development and implementation of adequate models for studying the mechanisms of action of pharmacological agents, including various aspects of biological, mathematical, computer modeling, the creation of phantoms and other modern approaches for analysis and visualization of the processes under study.


study of the potential therapeutic capacity of expectant metabolic drug

изучение терапевтического 
потенциала кандидатов 
препаратов метаболитов

Preliminary study of the potential therapeutic capacity of expectant metabolic drugs using biochemical, physiological, cytochemical, immunological and other studies necessary for understanding the mechanisms of therapeutic action at the molecular, cellular, and body levels.


testing of new products

проведение испытаний новых препаратов

Organization of non-clinical and clinical trials of new drugs with providing of the necessary documentation in accordance with modern requirements.


organization of scientific cooperation

организация научного сотрудничества

The organization of scientific cooperation, including international, with the implementation of joint projects on topics of interest with other institutes and agencies on a contract basis.


training of specialists

подготовка кадров специалистов

Training of specialists with the involvement of students for internship and for graduation work, as well as postgrad students, also with the participation of foreign university centers with the joint supervision.


scientific events

проведение испытаний новых препаратов

Participation in national and international conferences, symposia, exhibitions, and other scientific and practical activity.


The publication of monographs and scientific papers

Издание монографий научных трудов

The publication of monographs, research papers, manuals, handbooks, information photos, audio and video materials, which reflect the manufacturing and scientific work, etc.