VII Congress of Russian biophysicists 24.04.2023

VII Congress of Russian biophysicists

From April 17 to April 23, 2023, the VII Congress of Biophysicists of Russia was held in Krasnodar. The Congress was attended by employees of the sector of mathematical modeling and statistical analysis of results.

Within the sections "Biophysics of complex multicomponent systems. Mathematical modeling. Bioinformatics", "Mechanisms of energy transformation. Bioenergetics. Molecular motors" and "Neurobiophysics" employees of the Institute presented reports.

List of reports:

  • Y. R. Nartsissov
    The influence of a biological object spatial polymorphism on metabolites gradients during the modeling of convectional reaction-diffusion

  • E. V. Mashkovtseva
    Sublingual glycine impact on cerebrovascular reactivity

  • V. S. Kopylova
    Application of the rat brain arterial system model to estimate the oxygen and glucose distributions

  • S. E. Boronovskiy
    Glutamate-cysteine ligase modeling on the basis of stochastic methods

  • O. A. Zagubnaya
    The EAATs implication in excitotoxicity formation during elevated neurotransmitter level in glutamate convectional reaction-diffusion simulation

  • L. A. Ivontsin
    Structure of proton half-channels of FoF1 synthase in various types of model membranes

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