Experimental pharmacology and biomodels

Sheshegova Elena Viktorovna

The head of department
Scientific specialization:

15.00.02 - pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy

14.00.25 - pharmacology, clinical pharmacology


Biography Sheshegova Elena Viktorovna

Sheshegova Elena graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Volgograd Medical Academy in 2000, and then did postgraduated research degree in Saint-Petersburg Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy (2000 -2003), defended her thesis in 2004, "Pharmacognostic and pharmacological study of the aerial part dry steppe sage Salvia tesquicola Klok. et Pobed. »for an academic degree in pharmaceutical sciences in the field of: 15.00.02 - pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy; 14.00.25 - pharmacology, clinical pharmacology. She works at the Institute of Cytochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology since 2010, combining the post of Scientific Secretary and head of pharmacology and experimental sector biomodels.