MEPhI Scientific session - 2012 04.02.2012

MEPhI Scientific session - 2012

The annual MEPhI Scientific session was held by National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) at the 30th of January – 4th of February, 2012. Researchers of the institute presented the following reports in the «BIOPHYSICS AND COGNITIVE RESEARCHES» section:
  • Lizyakina A.D.*, Boronovskiy S.E., Nartsissov Ya.R.
    * - National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»
    Modeling of transmembrane metabolite transport illustrated by gamma-aminobutyric acid.
  • Nekrasov N.A.*, Mashkovtseva E.V., Nartsissov Ya.R.
    * - National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»
    Kinetic and structural modeling of metabolic pathways of glutamic acid in mammals.
  • Zubov I.V.*, Mashkovtseva E.V., Nartsissov Y.R., Poolman M.**, Fell D.**
    * - National Nuclear Research University «MEPHI»; ** - Oxford Brookes University, UK
    Kinetic model of serine metabolic pathway.
  • Turchenkov D.A.*, Boronovskiy S.E., Nartsissov Ya.R.
    * - National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»
    Modeling of ions diffusion using a stochastic integration of Langevin equation.
  • Tyukina E.S.*, Sheshegova E.V.
    * - National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»
    Effect of glycine on the microcirculation in pial vessels of rat brain.
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