4th Congress of Russian biophysicists 26.08.2012

4th Congress of Russian biophysicists

The IV Congress of Russian biophysicists took place 20-26 of August, 2012, in Nizhniy Novgorod. It was hosted by Lobachevskiy State University of Nizhny Novgorod. The scientists and students of the Instute of Cytochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology did four presentations their, and also presented five posters.

The Congress program is available here


Within the "Biophysics of complex systems" section:

  • Nartsissov Ya.R.
    Computer modeling of spatial-time metabolites distribution in virtual phantoms of biological objects using combined approaches.
  • Boronovskiy S.E.
    Applying of stochastic approach and methods of brownian dynamics for description of ion channels in glycine receptor.
Within the "Mechanisms of energy transformation. Bioenergetics" section:

  • Mashkovtseva E.V.
    Evaluation of bioenergetics supply of neurons using a mathematical modeling of FoF1 ATP synthase.
  • Selin A. A.
    Signal of glutamate in cardiac mitochondria.

Within the "Structure and dynamics of proteins ans protein complexes" section:

  • Lizyakina A.D.
    Applying of stochastic approach for the description of functioning of different protein complexes.
  • Nekrasov N.A.
    Kinetic modeling of metabolic pathways of mammalian glutamic acid.
Within the "Biophysics of complex systems" section:

  • Zaytsev K. S.
    Modeling of glycine transport in mammalian neurons.
  • Zubov I. V.
    Construction of glycine metabolic network in human neuron.
  • Kofanova O.A.
    Computer modeling of glutamate transporter activity in mammalian neurons. 

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