International Study Group for Systems Biology 2014 05.09.2014

International Study Group for Systems Biology 2014

The conference of International Study Group for Systems Biology (ISGSB) took place from the 2nd to the 5th of September 2014 at the basis of Durham University, Duhram, UK. The ISGSB regularly organizes workshops where new developments in systems biology research are discussed between PIs, postdocs and PhD students. The topic of this annual meeting was “From Cell to Organism”. This year’s contributions approach the topic from different angles and at different scales of complexity, and in various realms of biology, with special foci on ageing and nutrition, metabolic pathways and signalling from plants to human disease.
During the meeting scientists of ICMPh presented the following session lectures and poster presentations: 

  • Yaroslav Nartsissov  
    Digital phantoms of biological objects and its application to quantified estimation of spatial-time metabolites distributions (Multiscale Modelling session lecture) 
  • Olga A., Kofanova; Stanislav E., Boronovskiy; Yaroslav R., Nartsissov  
    Computational Modelling of Mammalian Neuronal Glutamate Transporter (poster) 
  • Veronika Kopylova, Yaroslav Nartsissov, Stanislav Boronovskiy   
    Computer simulation of circulatory system in the rat brain (poster) 
  • E.V. Mashkovtseva, S.E. Boronovskiy, Ya.R. Nartsissov  
    Description of ATP distribution in mitochondria using theoretical model of FoF1- ATPsynthase (poster) 
  • Viktoriia Titova, Yaroslav Nartsissov, Stanislav Boronovskiy  
    Evaluation of pumping efficiency of mammalian cytochrome c oxidase (poster)  
  • Zaytsev Kirill, Boronovskiy Stanislav, Nartsissov Yaroslav  
     Computer simulation of glycine reuptake in neurons (GlyT2) (poster)
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