Bioenergetics in mitochondria bacteria and chloroplasts 13.04.2013

Bioenergetics in mitochondria bacteria and chloroplasts

The 3rd international "Bioenergetics in mitochondria, bacteria and chloroplasts" conference co-organized by the British Biochemical Society and German Max Planck Institute of Biophysics took place at 10-13 April, 2013, in Ebsdorfergrund (Germany).
Main subjects of the conference were a structure and a functional dynamics of mitochondrial and bacterial respiratory chain complexes, mitochondrial morphology, development of membrane protein complexes in chloroplasts for purposes of biotechnology and also advanced spectroscopy methods in biophysics. In addition to oral presentations there were poster session, and also several oral session for young researchers who were chosen in reliance on scientific value of their abstracts applied.
ICMPh was represented at the conference by the senior researcher Mashkovtseva Elena Valeryevna.

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